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PartiExit FAQ

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What is the PartiExit Citizen Rights Movement ?

The PartiExit’s Citizen Rights movement (PxM) is a non-partisan, independent catalyst for civic action and political change. It is specifically designed to remove all of the things that prevent the Citizens from coming together in order to solve their individual and collective problems. Its main objective is to help the Citizens to become politically independent so that they can begin to prioritize country and family above all other things. It is based largely on emulating the success of the British Brexit movement.

It will assist in uniting the American Citizens on shared concerns, issues and values, in order to counter the rise of fear, anger and hate within America. It will work to free the Citizens and their representatives from the tyranny of the two parties’ divisive ideology that for too long has held them hostage.

When and why was PartiExit created?

In early 2018, based on personal observations and what was being reported in the news, a small group of independent-minded American Citizens living in south Florida began a conversation. They were very worried about what they were seeing within their extended families, friends and communities: The rise of hateful political rhetoric that was ripping the country apart. So with open hearts and with open minds and a little intellectual curiosity, they set out to see how in any small way possible they could find a path to help make things better. Each armed with their own gifts and talents, they came together to work and brainstorm on how to solve the people and the country’s most pressing issues.

They concluded that for a lot of Americans somewhere along the way, they had forgotten the things that made America great in the first place. So, in order to remind them, they set out to recreate the original vision of America that was based on ‘E Publius Unum’ (From many, one) and the founding principles of this great Republic, while also being focused on addressing the root cause of the problems, not the symptoms or distractions. With limited time and resources, their collective effort is what gave birth to the PartiExit Citizen Rights movement – a movement that is seeking to unite the people in order to reset, renew and restore the Republic of the United States of America.

What is its Mission?

The mission of the movement is simply to take our message directly to the people: That the political parties no longer serve the people and the only way to reclaim our political process and government is to become a nation of independent registered voters willing to work together. That by achieving their independence, they will open up a world of opportunities, one of which will be to create an independent alternative to the hierarchy-based political parties systems.

A new linear system that will help to take back from Washington the power to decide and bring it to their local communities and states, with the eventual objective of replacing the party system with a political position: A political position that will give the Citizens the tools they need to build a better future, individually and collectively.

Does the PartiExit Movement have any political affiliations?

No. The PartiExit Citizen Rights movement is an independent non-partisan endeavor that rejects all political ideologies, labels, rhetoric and organizations that seek to create exclusive memberships that eventually end up putting one Citizen against the other. We are focused on bringing together open independent-minded individuals that want to fix what is wrong within our country by being part of something greater than themselves.

We will always be looking for the very best minds and problem solvers to help us focus on practical, commonsense, effective measures that can be immediately put into action. Our objective is to recruit individuals from all spectrums from within our nation, no matter their race, gender, color, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity and geographic backgrounds.

What makes the PartiExit movement unique?

This Citizen Rights movement starts from the position that everything starts and ends with the Citizen. That they are the only indispensable part of the equation. That political parties, corporations, economies all come and go, but that it is the Citizen who remains and allows for all of this to happen. They are the only one true constant. Since nothing can exist without them, then it would make sense to give them the priority that they merit. To build a political process that would prioritize the things that matter most to them.

For example, to be able to rebuild the middle and working class; to be able to ensure the wellbeing of their families; to be able to have safe communities and schools; to be able to have affordable and accessible healthcare and an economy that works for everyone. These would and should be the highest concern of our local, state and national representatives. People have forgotten that politics was designed to serve the people and if it doesn’t, then it must be changed until it does. We will remind them, as we are more determined than ever to change things, one Citizen and one step at a time.

What are some of the other programs that work with the PartiExit movement?

The PartiExit is a Citizen Rights movement that works in conjunction with three other Citizen-led programs. The first being the Party of One (TPO), which is an independent political process and infrastructure. The next program is the Political Position (TPO), which is the membership part of the movement. And finally, the Citizen Assembly (TPO), which will provide the format for honest, respectful and transparent dialogue that leads to consensus-building among the people.

Party of One (TPO)

The Party of One (TPO) is an independent political process and technology-based infrastructure that will be the next evolutionary step of the PartiExit Citizen Rights movement that will allow for independent Citizens to have access to educational tools, fact-based unbiased information and news on independent candidates.

A process that will allow them to freely and independently decide what is best for themselves, their family and their country. An infrastructure to select, vet and vote for the very best independent candidates and get them elected and into office, on a local, state and national level.

(TPO) Political Position

(TPO) Political Position is an inclusive independent membership club that is part of the Party of One that is positioning itself into becoming the largest independent political organization within the United States of America. It seeks to establish among its members a bond and relationship based on the country’s original founding motto, ‘E Publius Unum’ (From Many, One).

It will serve to place the power to decide within the hands of the educated, informed and engaged Citizens. It will, as part of its membership encourages the Citizen, to take an oath into recommitting themselves to the Republic, to the Constitution and to the Rule of Law. It helps to prioritize their family and country above all else, while putting the Citizens immediate concerns front and center of the political process.

(TPO) Citizen Assembly

(TPO) Citizen Assembly is a group of Citizens from diverse backgrounds and communities taking the time to come together for a preset amount of time, in a specific location, to deliberate on an issue or issues of local, state, national, or global significance, with the objective of generating constructive dialogue that leads to consensus among the Citizens, in hopes of bridging the divide and differences within our communities and country. The use of Citizens Assemblies to reach decisions in this way is related to the traditions of deliberative democracy and popular sovereignty in political theory.

It is specifically designed to discuss an issue or problem confronting the community and reach a conclusion about what is the best solution that they think should happen. It is a grassroots bottom-up approach that unites the people collectively in helping to decide what are the issues that need to be addressed and where they would like to see the country go. Once consensus is achieved, it is placed within our (TPO) political platform and agenda that will be then handed over to their independent political representatives as a direct mandate to implement within the proper political venue.

Does PartiExit/Party of One have any employment/volunteer opportunities?

PartiExit, as it is with most of our programs, is a work in progress. Presently, as the independent political process and infrastructure are being funded and built out, the majority of the positions will be on a volunteer basis. As the movement achieves critical mass proper funding, full employment opportunity will become available and be posted on The Party of One website. To view positions presently available, please visit:

What are the areas of focus of the 2020 agenda?

The four areas of focus for the PartiExit movement 2020 are as follows: The registering of independent voters; the building-out of the Party of One political process and infrastructure; the recruitment of independent candidates that share our vision/mission; and the introduction of the Citizen Assembly format to set the Citizens platform and political agenda.

How can the individual Citizens take part?

The Citizens who want to get involved can go to the PartiExit website and access the PartiExit Action Plan. They can also go to our Party of One Become a Leader section which will detail the different ways and levels of participation. They can also follow us on our social media platforms. For additional suggestions on “what you can do” to get involved, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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