We’re at a Crossroads: The Time Has Come to Choose a New Independent Political System

by | Aug 19, 2020

Today I will be starting a series of specific blog posts that will talk directly about a theory of what, in my opinion, are the causes of, and solutions to, the polarization of the two-party system in America. I will seek to explain that in the past two to three decades, America’s political party system with their two major parties have been polarized in such a way that it is now on the verge of threatening the United States’ very existence.

It’s not just that the political process is broken – it’s that the political process, with the help of some ambitious and other incompetent politicians from both parties, has allowed our government to become perverted and corrupted to such an extreme that it is now beginning to break the fundamental foundations of our modern liberal democracy: the rule of law and adherence to constitutional norms with their constant battle to win elections and hold on to power by any means necessary. The political parties are putting their short term goals and gains ahead of the country’s long-term stability. I will be attempting to explain not only how this came to be, but more importantly, how we can reset, renew, and restore it back to what the founding fathers originally wanted our constitutionally-based Republic to be.

I would like to state upfront that I am not a student of political science or possess any specific area of expertise as it pertains to politics or government. What I do possess is a sincere and honest intellectual curiosity and a desire to leave the country that I love better than I found it. To be continued…

Sincerely yours,

Francisco J. Garcia

– Founder of the PartiExit and Party of One Corp

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