Why Did George Floyd Die?

by | Jun 17, 2020

If you really want to understand the reason why George Floyd and so many other black Americans are dead and keep dying… just read the following questions and answers to connect the dots.

Q: Why did George Floyd die?

A: Because 4 police officers violated his civil rights.

Q: Why did they violate his civil rights?

A: Because in their eyes, he was a petty criminal and did not deserve to be treated with respect.

Q: Why did Floyd not deserve to be treated with respect?

A: Because historically, blacks and other minorities in America have always been treated like second-class citizens.

Q: Why are black people and minorities treated like second-class citizens?

A: Because of systemic, institutionalized biases and racism, plus, they have limited financial assets and resources and no real political representation.

Q: Why do they lack resources, influence, and proper representation?

A: Because from the beginning, both political parties have rigged the political process to work for them individually and their party collectively, while ignoring the plight and problems of all American minorities. They have written, passed, and enforced laws and rules that work systematically against Black, Women, LGBTQ, Latino, Asian, and White middle and working class.

Q: Why do you say that? Don’t most Democrats and some Republicans believe in black and minority issues and civil rights?

A: They say that they do, especially when it’s time to vote in elections, but putting everything into historical context, it has not been what they say, as much as what they have actually accomplished. Without all of the protesting, suffrage, and civil rights movements putting pressure on the political parties, all of the advancements achieved would have never have happened in the first place.

Q: How long has this been going on?

A: For close to 200 years, the Republicans and the Democrats have taken turns in controlling  every area, aspect, and level of the political process and government, and neither of the two parties have ever had the desire or the will to change it to work for all of us on a systemic level. They were the ones that benefited the most from slavery, and even after the Civil War continued with Jim Crow laws, they denied minorities their Citizen and civil rights.

Q: What will it take to make blacks and minorities first-class Citizens like everyone else in America?

A: At this moment, it is already happening. The protesters are demanding change from the streets. It’s now time for the rest of us to unite and rise up and begin to become the change that we desire to see in America, and we can start by joining the PartiExit Citizen Rights Movement and immediately take control back from the parties and give it to the people.

Q: How will the PartiExit Citizen Rights Movement accomplish this?

A: Just as it was with the Civil Rights movement, it will pick up where they left off and complete Martin Luther’s Dream by helping the Citizens and their representatives to become independent of the two major political parties and the stranglehold that they have over them. This move will allow the Citizens to break the monopolist control that they have over our political process and government by offering the independent Citizens a plan to build their very own alternative to the party system that removes them peacefully through the power of the vote forever.

Q: Is that even possible?

A: Yes. Political scientists call it a “Realigning Election” (often called a “Critical Election”, “Political Realignment”, or “Critical Realignment”) which is a set of sharp changes in party ideology, issues, party leaders, regional and demographic bases of power of political parties, and the structure or rules of the political system. The changes result in a new political power structure being created that can change things very quickly, thus, replacing the older dominant coalition.  Just by changing our party affiliation from a Republican/Democrat party member to an Independent registered voter, this simple action will create a powerful reaction that will send shock waves through both parties indicating how things are about to change very quickly.

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